Parent Notes

Hey thanks for clicking on the parents notes! It is my goal as a youth pastor to partner with parents in helping disciple their student. One of the resources that we wanted to make available to you is Parent Notes. What are parent notes you ask? Parent notes are questions from each message that will help you spark convo with your student. Go thru and choose 3 questions each week that you can ask your student about the message on Wednesday in a casual convo. Why only 3 questions??? Because students have an attention span of a gold fish which is about 3 seconds. If you have ever tried asking your student about youth group its probably gone something like so how was youth group? Their response it was good. Our goal is to put questions in your hand each week to ask your student in casual conversation so it’s not “awkward” I hope you find this resource valuable! – Nate

Oct 20th 2016

  • If you weren’t at youth church would you miss the church family? why or why not?
  • Do you feel like you’re part of the point break family?
  • Do you remember the verse you guys looked at last night at Point Break?
  • Do you remember what the message was about last night at Point Break?
  • Read Eph 2:17-19 together
  • According to Ephesians you are members of what???? God’s house.
  • What does it look like to be part of God’s family?
  • If someone was to walk away from God’s family does it break your heart?
  • What can you do to let people know they are missed when they arent at Point Break

October 13th, 2016

  • What would you say was your favorite vacation?
  • Has there ever been a time where you’ve gone on vacation and you forgot to pack something?
  • Read Genesis 6:14-19 together
  • Why would having packing been so critical to Noah?
  • Do you think there were certain things that were good that Noah had to leave out to make room for great things?
  • What would be an example of some good things that might need to get left out? ex.) video games, tv, social media, hanging with friends.
  • Would you agree with the statement your destination determines how you pack? explain more in details…
  • If your destination is heaven what do you think you would pack and what would you leave out of your pack? ex.) pack the fruits of the spirit patience kindness love gentleness self control love….leave out bitterness, comparison, pride, sin, isolation.
    • Do you compare your self to others? why is comparison hard to deal with?
    • Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself for mistakes you’ve made
  • What would you say that you need to leave out of your pack?
  • What are somethings maybe you need to pack?

October 5th, 2016

  • Do you have a nickname with your friends?
  • How did you get your nickname?
  • Sometimes nicknames can be hurtful-has anyone said anything to you that has stuck with you?
  • Do you like picture day at school?
  • What picture would you say is the best one in the year book? how about the worst one in the year book?
  • Do you feel like sometimes you view yourself through the lense of other people? do what they want you to do, say things to fit in?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
  • Where does our identity come from?
  • If someone were asked you to describe yourself how would you do that?
  • Read Ephesians 2:11-13
  • Why was Paul writing the Ephesians? they were a fairly new church, Christianity was fairly new to them and he was establishing foundation for faith.
  • What was he trying to get across to the Ephesians? their identity is found in Christ not what they do or dont do.
  • How do we choose to find our identity? Is it in a role or relationship?

Sept 28, 2016

  • What series have you guys been going thru at Point Break?
  • Do you remember what last weeks discussion was on? personality?
  • What did you guys discuss tonight? passions
  • Why is yawning so contagious?
  • Do you find yourself yawning when others yawn?
  • Why is passion so powerful? because its contagious
  • Read John 2:12-17 together
  • What do you think of this side of Jesus?
  • What made Jesus so angry?¬†¬†Because he was passionate about God’s house and how it was to be treated.
  • Your passions shape your priorities…would you agree with this statement?
  • What would you say are your main priorities? if you dont know take a look at your passions.
  • What you do you love to do so much that you lose track of time doing it?
  • How can you use your passions for the kingdom?

Sept 21, 2016

  • If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
  • When you order food off the menu do you usually pick what you always get, sit down at start talking with people and make the waiter come back 3x, or do you like to branch out and try new things?
  • When it comes to the topic of personality how would you desribe your personality? you shy, outgoing, strong willed, reserved, risk taking, people lover, introvert?
  • Is one personality better than the other? NO
  • What are some strengths about your personality? your a strong leader, youre consistent, you bring joy to a team, your a great behind the scenes person.
  • What are some weaknesses of your personality? make take more risks, maybe think things through, maybe be the first to approach people, maybe make alone time
  • how can knowing your personality help you relate to others?
  • how can knowing others personality help you relate to them?