Connection Groups

Church would be boring if all we did was sit in the pews looking at the back of someone’s head, sing a few songs, and go home. Life is about connection! That’s why we have connection groups throughout the week at 7pm during the school year, which provide an opportunity for students to build deeper relationship with each other and with God! Here’s a preview of what happens at connection groups: we kick it, play fun games, video games, etc., then have a short discussion based off of last Wednesday’s message. Our fall connection groups are starting in October. Below are our connection groups leaders!

 Chris Pipinich- Chris’s favorite quote is slappa-da-bass man! Chris is very musical inclined and can play many different instruments. Chris is a pizza man meaning he loves a good pizza but its not uncommon to see Chris be the one delivering you a good pizza. When not working or playing instruments Chris can be found gamin it up he’s pretty much an MLG Marjor League Gamer. Chris has a passion to work and invest in the younger generation and wants to pursue ministry. His group is middle school/high school dudes and is at the Washburn’s house on Monday evenings 6:30-8:30pm. You can contact Chris with any questions about his group or directions to the Washburn’s by clicking on Chris’s Facebook link.

connection group leader



Nate Lowe-Don’t let looks fool you!!!! Although Nate looks like he is in high school he is 31 years old! Nate is a very classy dresser as you can tell. He is your typical surf bum…you can find him out on the beach surfing or most likely will be posing in a picture for a future North Face ad. Nate’s group is open to guys and girls, middle school or high school. The group is held at his house Monday nights at 7pm. If you have any questions or would like directions contact Nate by clicking on his Facebook link below.

point break connection group leader


Esther Haymond-  Is a semi pro snowboarder after only riding for a couple seasons. She taught Bruce Lee how to fight. Her favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is grab a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and play pinochle with friends. Her group is open to middle school high school girls and meets on Monday nights at 7pm.  If you have any questions or would like directions contact Esther by clicking on her Facebook link below.