Parent Notes

Hey thanks for clicking on the parents notes! It is my goal as a youth pastor to partner with parents in helping disciple their student. One of the resources that we wanted to make available to you is Parent Notes. What are parent notes you ask? Parent notes are questions from each message that will help you spark convo with your student. Go thru and choose 3 questions each week that you can ask your student about the message on Wednesday in a casual convo. Why only 3 questions??? Because students have an attention span of a gold fish which is about 3 seconds. If you have ever tried asking your student about youth group its probably gone something like so how was youth group? Their response it was good. Our goal is to put questions in your hand each week to ask your student in casual conversation so it’s not “awkward” I hope you find this resource valuable! – Nate

Feb 3 2016

  • Can you recall a time where you had a hard fall tell the story?!?
  • Have you ever been discouraged? About what??? Share a time you felt discouraged
  • Why do we sometimes feel discouraged?
  • Can our feelings lie to us?
  • Have you ever tried to share you faith with someone how did that work out?
  • Is it easy or had to share your faith?
  • Did you see results right away or maybe did you just plant a seed?
  • What passage of scripture did you read last night? Mark 2:1-12
  • What stuck out to you in that passage of scripture?
  • How many guys carried the mat the guy was laying on? 4 guys 
  • Was it important to have all four of them carrying the mat? YES they needed a team of people to do it. 
  • Do you feel like youre part of the team?
  • What can you do to be part of the team? maybe follow up with new peeps that come to pb, come up with a creative way to get students to read bible, start something that reaches out to students at school/sports teams.
  • What are some things that you are passionate about? How can you use that to reach out or help someone else?
  • What are some creative ways that Point Break can reach out to people???
  • What are some creative ways of how God can use you?

January 20 2016

  • Share a time you did a gnarly belly flop or saw someone belly flop
  • Out of all Bible characters who do you think would win a belly flop competition and why???
  • Do you remember the scripture that Nate discussed last week?
  • Can we read Mark 1:9-12
  • What happened when Jesus was baptized? He heard the voice of God the father, the Spirit ascended on him like a dove.
  • Have you heard of the concept of the trinity? Can you explain what it means in simple form? 3 Gods yet all 1 or the same God. 
  • Can you see all three aspects of the trinity revealed here in this passage of scripture?
  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in a believers life? to convict of sin, edify/build up the church, confort us when we are hurting promises to give us peace, helps us recall things we learn about God, intercedes for us in prayer
  • What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? An overflowing/empowerment of the Holy Spirit for ministry and edification of the church.  
  • Do you recognize the Holy Spirit at work in your life?
  • How does one recognize the Holy Spirit in their life? You can look to see if your life demonstrates the fruits of the spirit Galatians 5.
  • Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit?
  • Will you take time this week to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the point of getting baptized? it is outward sign of inward change. shows a repentance of sin symbolically putting the old man to death and being raised new. 
  • Have you been baptized in water?  If you said no after this convo do you plan on getting baptized?

Jan 6 2016

  • Why does food always taste better one someone else cooks it?
  • Has there ever been a time you’ve played the daddies girl or mama’s boy card?
  • What is your favorite breakfast food?
  • Do you remember what the passage was from Wednesday nights message? John 21:1-14 
  • Why did the disciples go back to fishing? Bc jesus their team leader died
  • What was so significant about them going back to fishing? They were returning to their old way of life. 
  • Have you set any goals for 2016?
  • Looking back on last year would it good bad or indifferent? Are you glad for 2016 to be here?
  • Jesus asked his disciples to come have breakfast with him why was it so symbolic? Rather than the fish the caught/meeting the disciples needs…Jesus cares more about relationship with them. 
  • Looking back over 2015 was there any God moments that you can remember?
  • How did your relationship deepen with God in 2015?

Nov 11th 2015

  • what was one of your favorite moments of elementary school?
  • what was your favorite story growing up that your parents would read to you or that you read?
  • have someone read matthew 5:41 outloud
  • does anyone know the setting this took place? it was the sermon on the mount Jesus first sermon. he was teaching a crowd from a hillside
  • does anyone know what a person hearing this would of immediately thought when they heard Jesus say this? they would of thought of the roman military because they could force anyone to carry their bags for up to a mile.
  • take a wild guess do you think the people like this? people didnt like the romans- they taxed them to death and were forceful with their military.
  • why do you think Jesus would have asked them to go an extra mile verse stopping at one mile?
  • What does it communicate to someone when were willing to “go the extra mile”?
  • what are some practical ways that we can “go the extra mile”? if mom asks you to take out the garbage do the dishes too, if someone asks for help stay longer and do more
  • is there a time that you can remember where someone went out of their way to help you?
    is it normal or not normal to go the extra mile?
  • why do we not normally go the extra mile?
  • is going the extra mile convenient? or does it usually cost us something? time, money, ect..

Oct 21 2015

  • What series have you guys been going through at Point Break over the last couple weeks? Do you remember the topic? Money
  • What scripture did Pastor Nate discuss last night? Matthew 6:19-21
  • Is it bad to have nice things and a lot of money? No
  • What did Jesus mean then when it says don’t store up for yourselves treasures on earth?
  • What does it look like for someone to invest into treasures in Heaven? Use everything you have for the kingdom. don’t hoard or be greedy. Invest into spiritual things: buy someone a Bible if they need it, buy someone coffee who you can share the gospel with, pay for someone to go to camp, tithe.
  • What is something you could do right now to invest into the eternal vs the earthly?
  • How often do you think man i should be a giver today?
  • How would you separate being greed vs being diligent with your money and stuff you own?
  • Do you feel that you can be greedy sometimes?
  • Why is it easy to be greedy when it comes to money or our possessions?
  • What was the point Jesus was trying to make by talking about moth rust and thieves in Matthew 6:19-21?
  • What are indicators of how you can tell about people? maybe the way they dress, the things they talk about, How about where they spend their money? 
  • Where or on what do you spend most your money?
  • Do you think that it tells alot about where your heart lies?
  • If your greedy do you think that giving will change your heart?
  • What does it mean in Verse 21 when it says “where your treasure is your heart will be also?”