Parent Tool Box

At Point Break there is a screw driver that seriously has become my best friend. The screw driver turned into a multipurpose tool everything from acting as a screw driver, a hammer, a punch you name it it’s most likely been used that way…but what I can tell you is having the right tool for job makes it so much easier. My goal is to put more tools in your tool box that will help you in raising your child. Everything from youth culture tips like what is snapchat or trivia crack? Maybe some thought provoking questions like what are some of your family traditions? To resources that help block things on your computer that you probably don’t want your kid looking at. Hope you find this page help!

Parent Text Alert

parents text alert

If you havent already signed up for the Point Break Parent text alerts make sure to pull out your cell phone right now and text the word @pbparents to 81010. If you don’t know how to text hand your phone to your student and say here text this for me 🙂 The parent text alert is a great way to be in the loop of what’s happening at Point Break. For example when we are coming home from camp I send a group message that says just leaving camp we will be arriving in 2 hours. It’s also a way to know what happens before it happens. I like to give parents a heads up about camps and stuff before students so they don’t bring home the packet surprised. If at anytime you want the texts to stop just send the word stop to 81010 and you’re off the list.

Porn Problem

Did you know the average age that a person first looks at porn is 11 years old? Due to the internet you no longer have to go to a store to get a magazine or video porn is easily accessible and you don’t have to look hard to find it. There is a great website out there that helps with this porn problem its called XXXCHURCH.COM I know the name sounds dirty but it’s not! This is a great resource because as a parent you might go to use to computer and see under the computer history that your teen was looking at things they probably shouldn’t have been looking now what?!?! XXX Church provides a great resource that you can download a program X3WATCH onto your computer and mobile devices that blocks specific sites, filters content, and also emails a reports of what was looked at. If you discover that your student has look at something inappropriate or just want to prevent them from looking at it this is a great resource for you.