What To Expect

We know that stepping into a new youth ministry or church can seem overwhelming. That’s why we want to answer some of your questions and give you an idea of what you might expect at Point Break.

What is Point Break?
Point Break is the youth group of Stillwater Church in Duvall, WA.

When is Point Break?
Our youth group or church as we like to call it meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm! We also have connection groups that run all throughout the week.

What time does it begin and end?
Our youth group start at 7pm and end at 8:45pm. But if you show up early you won’t be alone. A lot of students show up by 6:30 just to hang out!

What’s a youth gathering like?
A typical youth group starts with a bunch of people hanging out and kicking it! Then the band (which they’re pretty cool if I might say so…) play a few songs then there is typically a fun game of some sort, a challenging message that is relevant to students, then the band plays a few more songs and it’s over! Come as you are at Point Break. We’re more about relationship with God rather than religion.

How old do I have to be to go to Point Break?
Point Break is for students who are in 6th grade through 12th grade. We also have a young adults group for people between the age of 18-25.

Can I give high fives?
That was a trick question just to see if you were paying attention… Yes, we are pros at giving high fives and would love to give you one!