Parent Notes

Hey thanks for clicking on the parents notes! It is my goal as a youth pastor to partner with parents in helping disciple their student. One of the resources that we wanted to make available to you is Parent Notes. What are parent notes you ask? Parent notes are questions from each message that will help you spark convo with your student. Go thru and choose 3 questions each week that you can ask your student about the message on Wednesday in a casual convo. Why only 3 questions??? Because students have an attention span of a gold fish which is about 3 seconds. If you have ever tried asking your student about youth group its probably gone something like so how was youth group? Their response it was good. Our goal is to put questions in your hand each week to ask your student in casual conversation so it’s not “awkward” I hope you find this resource valuable! – Nate

April 22 2015

  • What was the topic on last night at Point Break? Stress/anxiety/worry
  • Do you know any verses in the Bible that have to do with stress or anxiety? Read Philippians 4:6-7 together
  • Read Matthew 6:25-27 – why do we worry if God is in control?
  • Why doesn’t God want us to worry?
  • What does our worry communicate to others? That we dont trust that God is in control
  • What causes on brings on stress/anxiety for you?
  • What do you do when you are worried or stressed out??? How do you cope or deal with stress?
  • Is stress something that you can control?



April 15th 2015

  • Why do we go to church?
  • Do you enjoy church? Why or why not?
  • Do you feel like you have deep relationships with people at church? If no why not?
  • Have you ever felt like you didn’t measure up or fit in at church? Why
  • What does it mean to “be” the church rather than “go” to church?
  • What are some of your passions and desires that you could use to serve either in the church or outside the church? If not sure expand on what are you good at? What do you like to do?
  • Would you like to go to church with me this Sunday?


April 8th 2015

  • What fundamental did you guys discuss last night? (worship)
  • What are your thoughts on worship at church? Do you enjoy it or is it boring?
  • Why do we do worship at church?
  • Have you ever experienced or encountered God in worship at church?
  • Have you ever caught someone dancing when they thought no one was looking? How did the respond?
  • What was the crazy act that David did that made his wife embarrassed? Danced in the streets
  • What was so significant about David taking off his robe and dancing in the streets? David displayed humility in his worship and his robe represented his security as a king! He took that off humbled himself and worshiped God. Worship has a way of humbling us before God. 

April 1st 2015

What as the 2nd fundamental that you guys talked about at Point Break last night? (They should respond Bible reading)

Why would reading your Bible be an important fundamental?

How often do you read the Bible?

Do you enjoy reading the Bible or do you find it difficult?

Where have you been reading in the Bible?

Can you and I read through a book of the Bible together?

March 25th 2015

Who is your favorite sports team?

What’s your favorite sport?

Do you remember who was your first coach was?

Why was your first coach important? (he was the one who taught you fundamentals)

What do fundamentals have to do with lasts nights message?

What fundamental did you discuss last night?

Is prayer easy or hard for you?

How did you learn how to pray?

How often do you pray? Can I pray with you?